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What's Next on your Plate? New FDA Nutrition Facts Label for Healthier Eating!
  • Get free, concise information on the new label.
  • Understand updated dietary guidance including serving sizes, added sugars, and daily values.
  • Access in-depth, multifaceted resources instantly with one click.
Learn about What’s New with the Nutrition Facts Label, including details on calories, serving sizes, added sugars, and more.
Tips on Good Nutrition and Using the Updated Nutrition Facts Label during the Coronavirus Pandemic
Fact Sheets www.FDA.gov/NewNutritionFactsLabel
Social Media Toolkit https://www.fda.gov/food/new-nutrition-facts-label/social-media-toolkit-new-nutrition-facts-label
View and share the campaign outreach materials to spread the word about the new Nutrition Facts label using the Social Media Toolkit, which includes:
Resources for Health Educators and Special Groups www.FDA.gov/NewNutritionFactsLabel
Calories on the menu www.fda.gov/caloriesonthemenu
Education Campaign
“The New Nutrition Facts Label: What’s in it for You?” education campaign was developed by FDA to raise awareness about the changes to the Nutrition Facts label, increase its use, and help consumers, health care professionals, and educators learn how to use it as a tool for maintaining healthy dietary practices.

Continuing Medical Education Program
To learn more about the new Nutrition Facts label, visit www.fda.gov/NewNutritionFactsLabel

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