Emergency Preparedness Resources

Our Emergency Preparedness Resources

We can help you navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic with trainings, tools, and resources.
Meet ELI: The Emergency Law Inventory Tool for Volunteers
The Emergency Law Inventory (ELI) is a public health informatics tool that provides clear, concise summaries of over 1,500 laws that impact volunteer participation in emergency activities in all 50 states, DC, and seven U.S. territories. The importance of volunteers as a critical disaster response asset cannot be underestimated. Meet ELI demonstrates how to use the Emergency Law Inventory. The laws are filtered by profession and jurisdiction so users can identify the provisions most relevant to them. Learn more. To visit the Emergency Law Inventory, click on the link below. https://emergencylawinventory.pitt.edu/
Legal Interventions to Address the Zika Threat
Although specific to Zika, the information provided in this three part on demand series is relatable and transferable to COVID-19. Participants will learn to articulate strategies, especially those with legal implications, to combat the threat posed by viral outbreaks. Learn more

Pandemic Policies & Practices Recorded Webinar Series Learn more 
The Pandemic Policies and Practices Recorded Webinar Series is a recorded series of discussions of relevant and thought-provoking ethical issues surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • A Conversation about Ethical Issues Arising with Use of Telemedicine during This Pandemic
  • A Conversation about Lives and Livelihoods—Evaluating What’s at Stake in Reopening
  • A Conversation about Legal Liability, Immunity, & Retaliation during the Pandemic
  • A Conversation about Preparing for COVID-19 in the Obstetric Context
  • A Conversation about the Ethical Challenges of COVID-19 in Rural Areas
  • A Conversation about the Ethical Concerns of People with Disabilities
  • A Conversation on Allocating Scarce COVID-19 Medications—The Case for Increasing Disadvantaged Groups’ Access
  • A Conversation on Allocating Scarce Resources
Risk, Crisis, and Emergency Communication Video Training Series

This series covers eight topics related to risk and crisis communication during public health emergencies. Viewers will learn how to develop and disseminate message content in crises and emergencies using press releases, message maps, and social media. Learn more

Science and Law: Navigating through COVID-19 – recorded webinar

COVID-19 is a highly infectious coronavirus that jumped from an animal host to humans in late 2019 and subsequently became a pandemic. How did coronaviruses make the leap from animal to human? How is COVID-19 transmitted? What legal and policy interventions are in place to ‘flatten the curve’? With so much information scattered over the internet, where can a repository of reliable data and information on COVID-19—such as transcribed case information that has emerged since the outbreak—be found? Join faculty experts in the fields of biology, medicine, law, and informatics from the University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health and School of Medicine to explore COVID-19 from their unique perspectives. Learn more

Other Emergency Preparedness Resources

American Public Health Association | COVID-19 Conversations Webinar Series Learn more 

Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Emory University | COVID-19 Risk-assessment Tool Learn more
FEMA | Coronavirus Rumor Control Learn more
Homeland Security | COVID-19 Workforce Information Learn more
Infectious Disease Society of America | COVID-19: Resource Center Learn more 
Johns Hopkins University & Medicine | Coronavirus Resource Center Learn more 
Kaiser Health News | Does everyone over 60 need to take the same Coronavirus precautions? Learn more 
Midwestern Regional Public Health Training Center (Region VII) | COVID-19 Resources Learn more
National Academy of Medicine | Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) News and Resources Learn more 
New England Public Health Training Center (Region I) | COVID-19 Training Courses Learn more 
Region IV Public Health Training Center | Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19): Protecting the Public from the Current Outbreak Learn more 
World Health Organization | Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Pandemic Learn more 

Resources from Our Partners

DC Health | Learn more 
Delaware Department of Health and Social Services | Learn more 
Drexel University Dornsife School of Public Health | Learn more 
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health | Learn more 
Pennsylvania Association of Community Health Centers | Learn more

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