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What is EXPO IconWhat is EXPO?

Experiential Learning Opportunities, or EXPO, is a program that provides a $3500 stipend to graduate students in public health to build expertise and gain real-world experience on their paths to professional careers. This Health Resources and Services Administration program helps students increase their skills while organizations achieve their goals.

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Just a Few Exciting Projects Students Have Completed

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Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

Enjoy this 8-minute introductory video where participating students share how EXPO works and its surprising benefits for them. Click here to watch the Making the Most of Your Field Placement Opportunities Video.

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Projects IconProjects? What Kinds?

FIRST KIND: Field Placement

Img-Detailed Info 2Students embed in a public health-related agency to get experience on a career-related professional project. They gain practical, marketable skills by interning with a site supervisor (note: the site supervisor is not a faculty member).

Requirements and deliverables include:

  • Finish in one year (2 years for part-time students)

  • Scientific report or poster presentation

  • Abstract to submit to a public health conference

  • Abstract for Pitt Public Health Dean’s Day (Pitt students only)

  • Other deliverables required by host organization

Click here to learn more about available Field Placements

Detailed info: EXPO Field Placement Handbook

SECOND KIND: Collaborative Project

Students receive mentoring from a university faculty professor. Following rigorous scientific protocols, students get experience with peer-review level research. Topics center on evidence-based practice in public health organizations.

Requirements and deliverables include:

  • Finish in 3–6 months

  • Scientific report or poster presentation

  • Abstract to submit to a public health conference

  • Abstract for Pitt Public Health Dean’s Day (Pitt students only)

  • Other deliverables required by faculty mentor

Detailed info: EXPO Collaborative Project Handbook

Do you have an idea for a field placement or collaborative project? Click on the links below to learn more.

Field Placement – Students
Field Placement – Organization
Collaborative Project – Students and Faculty

Experiential Learning Infographic

See the wide range of opportunities for learning and contributing with this colorful infographic illustrating types of organizations, areas of study, core competencies, presentations, and field placement sites past students have explored. Click here to view the Experiential Learning 2019–20 Infographic.


Academic Partners

Besides Pitt, universities participating in the Mid-Atlantic Regional Public Health Training Center EXPO program include:
Academic Partners

Each EXPO Partner has its own guidelines for facilitating EXPO Partner Field Placements for students at their university.

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Get Started

Get Started

First Things First: Are you eligible?

You can get all the benefits of completing an EXPO project by meeting just three simple requirements:

  • You must not have previously completed an EXPO project.
  • You must be enrolled part-time or full-time in an accredited graduate school of public health (Master’s or Doctoral program).
  • You must be a citizen of the United States, a non-citizen U.S. national, or a foreign national who is a U.S. Lawful Permanent Resident—that is, in possession of a green card.


How to Get a Field Placement

Check out these three pathways to a placement.

1. CHOOSE AN EXISTING OPPORTUNITY from these postings and complete an application form.

Click on the link below to access the EXPO Student Field Placement Application.
EXPO Student Field Placement Application  Download 

2. CONTACT US FOR A CONSULTATION. Tell us what public health topics interest you most and we will help you find and reach out to an organization that matches. Just email us at marphtc@pitt.edu to get the ball rolling. 

3. CREATE YOUR OWN PROJECT. Already have your own idea and organization lined up? Great! Future employers love this kind of initiative! Click on the link below for motivation and procedures.
Student-initiated Field Placements

How to Get a Collaborative Project at a College or University

Students and faculty can create a Collaborative Project together using the EXPO Collaborative Project Proposal available at the link below.

EXPO Collaborative Project Proposal - Download

Click here to learn more about Collaborative Projects

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New Idea

Got a New Project Idea?


New Project Idea

Could I really launch my dream career in public health NOW?



Site Initiated

We have so many urgent and worthwhile projects in our pipeline. We could really use some help from a great student!


  • Exceed mission goals with substantial public health contributions not possible with existing staff
  • Innovate with fresh perspectives from graduate students
  • Mentor students while benefiting your own stakeholders
  • Interview a student yourself for the best match
    Download Form:
    EXPO Field Placement Request Form Site Supervisor-initiated Project



I’d love to mentor a talented graduate student on my public health research project.


  •  Enjoy mentoring a graduate student interested in your research
  •  High-level students bring fresh perspectives to your projects
  •  Promote evidence-based practice in the next generation of public health professionals
  • Co-author a published academic scientific report or poster
  •  Interview a student yourself for the best match
    Download Form: EXPO Collaborative Project Proposal

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Networking icon

Networking: EXPO Exchange



  •   Convenient, distance-accessible interactive forums


  • Get current insider tips through panel discussions with advanced public health professionals
  • Enjoy informal conversations with peers about EXPO experiences and projects
  • Build lifelong career and networking connections
  • Get answers and solve problems with your projects and your career direction
  • Tap into exclusive resources about regional public health issues and interdisciplinary possibilities


  • Your peers and future colleagues: EXPO students from many locations
  • Your future employer: encounter supervisors from real-world public health organizations
  • Mingle with potential faculty mentors doing cutting-edge research
  • Uncover opportunities with community-based training partners (more potential employers)


  • Twice each year, in the fall and the spring

Do you want more vital info about EXPO Exchange? Click here to check out this 59-minute video, Tips for Success: Making the Most of Experiential Learning.

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Contact icon

Contact us and Quick Links

Contact Us: marphtc@pitt.edu 

Academic Partners

Drexel University Dornsife School of Public Health: contact Ijeoma Okere at iuo24@drexel.edu

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health: contact Dan Barnett at dbarnet4@jhu.edu

West Virginia University School of Public Health: contact Audra Hamrick at ahamric3@hsc.wvu.edu 


EXPO Student Field Placement Application - Download


Pitt Public Health EXPO Field Placement Proposal Student-initiated Project - Download

EXPO Collaborative Project ProposalDownload

EXPO Field Placement Request Form Site Supervisor-initiated Project - Download

Handbooks and Checklists

EXPO Collaborative Project Handbook

EXPO CP Academic CBTP Checklist - Download

EXPO CP Faculty Checklist - Download

EXPO CP Student Checklist - Download

EXPO Field Placement Handbook

EXPO FP Academic CBTP Checklist - Download

EXPO FP Site Supervisor Checklist - Download

EXPO FP Student Checklist - Download

Experiential Learning 2019–20 Infographic 

Currently Available Field Placement Opportunities

Webinars and Videos
Click on the links below to access the videos.

Job Hunting Ahead! Opportunities at Community Health Centers 2/12/20
Job Hunting Ahead! Opportunities in Governmental Public Health 10/16/20
Jumpstart Your Career! Public Health Practica 1/29/21
Making the Most of Your Field Placement Opportunities Video
Tips for Success: Making the Most of Experiential Learning 10/11/19

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