Moving Towards Eating Disorder-informed Pregnancy Care

This multi-faceted, recorded webinar focuses on eating disorders during pregnancy. First, you will explore the prevalence, complications, and treatment of a variety of eating disorders as well as specific research regarding eating disorders during pregnancy. A lived experience of having an eating disorder during pregnancy will highlight further discussion of the complications and consequences of eating disorders on maternal and child health. Clinicians will be provided with information about identifying eating disorders during pregnancy, including the development and validation of a new rapid screening tool, and about sensitivity training. Finally, you will explore other topics in the perinatal period related to eating disorders prior to presentation of a case study in the context of the information provided.

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Learning Objectives
At the conclusion of this recorded webinar, participants will be able to:

  • identify the differences and symptoms of various types of eating disorders; 
  • describe the main challenges facing individuals with eating disorders during pregnancy;
  • explain reasons why screening for eating disorders during pregnancy can improve both maternal and child health outcomes; and
  • summarize the importance of sensitive and eating disorder-informed obstetric and health care. 

Target Audience
This presentation is appropriate for public health and clinical practitioners, community health center staff, and social services personnel working in community settings.

Elizabeth Claydon, PhD, MPH, MS is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Social & Behavior Sciences in the West Virginia University School of Public Health. Her research topics primarily focus on eating disorders in pregnancy, prevention of eating disorders in college students, and maternal and child health. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses, many of which are integrated with essential social and behavioral theories. She received a dual BA in child development and medicine, health, and society from Vanderbilt University; an MS in chronic disease epidemiology and an MPH in social and behavioral sciences from Yale University; and a PhD in social and behavioral sciences from West Virginia University.

90 minutes

Continuing Education Credits
Continuing education credits are not offered for this course.

Technology Requirements

This recorded webinar is presented through the Vimeo Internet-based platform. A computer with high-speed internet connection and the ability to download and run this platform is required.

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Creation Date
This training was created in June 2023.